Managed WordPress Platform

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Fully responsive

& API Driven Dashboard

Built with essential features that are tailored for WordPress site management and help to improve upon workflows. When you create a site, you will receive a welcome email which will include a one-time login link with login credentials.

We will continue to build upon tools such as WP-CLI to give you even more ways to quickly update and manage all of your plugins, themes and core WordPress updates.

Manage Backups

With Snapshots

Backups will be saved off-site to the Amazon S3 storage service on a daily basis. We will retain them for at least 30 days and you can manually create backups as you go.

You can create a "snapshot" of a site to easly build upon later. You can then select from a "Snapshot" when you create a new site. Snapshots are a great way to repeatedly deploy custom web applications or as a launchpad for new projects.

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Well Documented with Community Support

Plus top-notch free support

You will receive access to step-by-step documentation for various integration approaches and workflows. This includes a membership to which will offer additional online resources.

With open source solutions, you get access to the latest developments and community resources such as the Trellis project by These benefits also include a modern LEMP stack which is configured with A+ SSL support for all WordPress sites.

Support is available free of charge to all users of our products. Get in touch, we're glad to help.

We are proud to offer this cloud hosting and Managed WordPress Platform to designers and developers.

Todd Wilson, Software Engineer


Continue your growth, as you keep building WordPress sites with Jump Start.

Jason Bobich, WordPress Developer

WordPress development and production servers done right. / Trellis

Beta Testers Wanted

We are looking for YOUR help in testing this initial release for We would like a handful of brave WordPress agencies or professionals to help us do that.

In return for the helpful feedback during this phase, we'll offer you a special discount off your first year!